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Summer 2014 Spiritual WTF?! Experience

Jul 21, 2024

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Admission - $7

Experience Workshops - $25


Admission - $12

Experience Workshops - $35

Visit to purchase tickets and learn more!


Get ready for an awe-inspiring, WTF-inducing metaphysical adventure at the "Spiritual WTF?! Experience" happening on Sundays, July 21 2024!

We all have those "WTF?!" moments where you're left in awe or frustration, questioning what the f*** is happening. Dive into these moments headfirst at the Spiritual WTF?! Experience - an event providing a space explore these moments along our spiritual journey and turn them into a catalyst for growth. Think of it as a spa day for your soul, minus the cucumber water and with a spiritual twist. Here we acknowledge the weird, the wonderful, and the WTF?! moments that define our journey.

Join a community of like-minded individuals who are as serious about self-discovery as they are about questioning the universe's odd sense of humor. Whether you're itching for some spiritual healing in a workshop, seeking clarity in an intuitive reading, or simply want to stand in awe at the metaphysical marketplace, we've got you covered. Our approach is grounded, our healing is down-to-earth, and our connections are genuine.

Come for the WTF moments, stay for the transformation – or just come to satisfy your curiosity. This is where the metaphysical meets the mystical, and where your spirit receives the kickstart it deserves. The beauty of it all? You can go deep or stay on the surface – no judgment, just a good time.

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