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My healing sessions will help you release and overcome blockages and help you move forward on your path. Healing takes time and doesn't happen over night. Be gentle with yourself.  

Simple doesn't always mean easy

Practical doesn't always feel right

Effective Healing when you put in the work.  


Need spiritual guidance or want to know what message spirit has for you? An intuitive energy reading will allow spirit to help guide you on this quest we call life. I use my main gifts – clairvoyance (seeing/visual messages) and claircognizance (a knowing of what may come) – as well as assistance from spirit to give you messages pertaining to your question. My readings are very practical and focused on reading the energy of the lessons you need to learn in order to get past your blockages to achieve your goals. By healing your blockages and overcoming fears, you attract the things you desire in life quicker.


 $50 - 30 minutes

$100 - 60 minutes


I will help you clear stagnant energy and remove blockages so your physical body can better align with your own energy. Through my energy healings I follow my intuition and utilize a combination of Reiki, Quantum Touch, and my own modalities to help you cut cords and release blockages that are focused in your chakras and auric field. Each session is unique to your healing needs and may contain messages from spirit.  Please ensure you are well hydrated before and after your session.


 $50 - 30 minutes

$100 - 60 minutes

To book a session, please contact me to schedule a time. I am currently available to do distant readings and healings.  If you are in the SF Bay Area and would like to have an in person healing, visit me at my next onsite event.

"Everything you ever wanted is on the other side of fear."

George Addair

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